Monday, December 14, 2009

Stampin' Christmas Party!!!

Yesterday was our Stampin' Friends Christmas Party, that Melinda graciously hosted....Everything was wonderful. Stephanie and Karen...wish you could have been there...we missed you, Sandy and Donna too!!! First we had yummy snacks that we all brought, finished off with extra cookies from the Cookie Exchange. Yummmm!!!! I gained 5 pounds!!!! Then we exchanged our tags swap. I will post a few a are the first 2!!!

That was fun to see what everyone came up with...they are all wonderful!!! Next we did our gift exchange. It was supposed to be a Chinese swap...where you can steal gifts from each other...but they were all such great gifts, everyone loved what they ended up getting.....Here is mine!!! So no stealing!!!!

Yummy Mulled Cider candles from Dee....they make the house smell sooooo!!!!! good...Thanks Dee!!! Finally, a picture of the group...which I don't think we have ever done.
Abbey is in there...I promis....she doesn't like her picture taken....but we know she is there!!! Hugs!!!!

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  1. Hi Cathy, wish I could have been there..looks like everyone had a great time! the cookies were wonderful! thanks for sharing with me