Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Blessings!!!

Sorry I've been Missing in action the past few day....we had a baby to get born!!! She's here, and all is well!!! Born on the 17th, weighing in at 5 lbs, 15 oz. She is such a cutie pie!!!

Here she is, Miss Emma Nicole!!!
So that explains it...I've been a bit busy. They are supposed to be going home today!!! I'm using today to try and get caught baking done this morning...will work on fudge tomorrow...Fudge and me do not get along....I bought a kit this year....will see how that goes!!! Finished up making one present...only have 2 more to go...I may make it!!! Worked on the grocery list for all the dinners we have going on!!! Will do that on Monday!!!
Here are 2 more Swap tags!!! Enjoy!!! Cathy


  1. You were right, she is gorgeous! And for being early she's pretty big too.
    congratulations grandma!

  2. Cathy, she is a beautiful "Christmas" baby! I am so happy that everything went well for mother and baby.

  3. Cathy, she is sooo beautiful. I bet she will be the light of your Christmas this year and many years to come. She will not like her B'day coming so close to Christmas. Gary and I each have a cousin who was born Dec 27th and they are both feeling left out when it comes to Christmas. We keep telling them to move their b'days to June or July. We won't tell. Congratulations to the whole family and especially to Alli and Aaron. Merry Christmas to you all.