Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Googly Ghouls

Googly Ghouls Wood # 128060 $16.95, Clear #128063 $12.95
Love, love, love this set...it is just too cute, especially when you use the Googly Eyes!!!!  The Mummy Man is my favorite!!! Well, they are all pretty darn cute!!!

Here are some cards I got at Inkslingers last week...they were belated Birthday cards!!!!  Love it when birthdays last for months!!!!

Cindy's card...gorgeous

Sue's card
Pajama Saga....OK....about 3 years ago, I was getting ready to attend Leadership, and decided to get some Red Silk PJ's.....as all my PJ's were threadbare, and I was rooming with someone.....They were the most uncomfortable PJ's...not because they were silk...although the slippin' and sliddin' part took some getting used to, but because they seemed to have cut the butt out, and shortened the waist. The next year I decided to go with a different brand and got some pretty navy blue ones.....same problem.....Last year, I didn't go to Leadership, but really needed some new PJ's, so got some Flannel ones....yup....while they were cut a little fuller.....the waist was still way too short, not to mention that after a few washings the flannel is all icky. This summer I got some new ones for Convention(which I ended up taking back), and they had the same problem....I was really getting depressed....thinking my butt was getting way too big, when I realized that my old ones still fit just fine.....Come to think of it, ALL the jeans I have bought recently are short waisted too....so it has to be the manufacturers are skimping on fabric.....I really needed some warm, comfy winter PJ's, and looked thru catalogs...but all the nice Flannel PJ's were like $65....I ain't payin' $65 for PJ's. Found some flannel at the store, and flannel is not cheap like it used to be.....Thank goodness for coupons!!!! This is what I ended up with...not too bad, seeing as I haven't sewn garments in years!!!! And they fit like a dream....and I'm guessing they will be toasty warm, and all for "ONLY $22"!?!?!

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