Monday, March 18, 2013

Create a Cupcake

Create a Cupcake Wood # 121915 $22.95, Clear #121982 $16.95
This is a great set to have on hand....who doesn't have tons of birthday cards to send out!!!  I know I do with cousins, and Aunts and Uncles, and siblings, nephews and nieces, and children!!!!  There isn't a week that goes by that I don't send a b-day card!!!
These were the Seasonal Ornaments that we made in Class on missed a good one if you weren't here.  Next class will be on Sunday, April 14 at 1:00....Black and White and a Splash of Color.  I will post pictures as soon as I have all the proto's done!!!! This class is similar to the Black & White class I did last year....which was loads of fun!!!  Great cards!!!

Here's some cards that we did for the Stamper's 10 in March.....
 The Pinwheel card is such a fun card...and super easy!!!!

Steven and I have been trying to eat as healthy as possible as of late.  I did a craft fair last fall, and the booth next to me was a gal who had written a book on low carb cooking.  I bought it as that was where we were trying to go.  It is a great little book.  Breakfasts to me are boring...and I need them to be quick to make.  I'm not much of a smoothie person....but there are protein smoothies in the book that are great...and they stick with me till lunch!!!!  Here's the Strawberry one:

Fresh Fruit - Strawberry Smoothie
Place 4 large ice cubes in blender, blend on high till crushed.  Add 1/3C cold water, 1 scoop protein powder (I use vanilla Slim Fast), and 1/2 C. frozen Blueberries.  Blend on high for at least 2 minutes.  The longer you blend...the thicker it gets.....I like mine a bit thinner, so I usually add a little more water.  Enjoy, and Bon Apetite!!!

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