Sunday, March 27, 2011

Restful Weekend

Thankfully, I had nothing pressing this lots of naps, and getting caught up on things...Highlight was celebrating our Grandaughter Abbey's 11th birthday!!! They grow up too fast. It was fun...All the grand daughters were there...and we had all the way from 15, down to 4 months....with Emma just learning to she was fun to watch. She has also learned to whistle.....and so she was toodling around whistling....too much fun!!!

Hoping to get caught up on class and club projects this week!!!! Have one club project half's coming out cute, if I must say so myself!!!! Here are the St. Patty's Day treats I handed out....

They were York Peppermint Patties, yumm!!!!

And here is a card out of my mailbox from my good friend Abbey.

Love getting mail!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A very productive weekend...

I feel like I may be getting caught up...if you ever do!!! I actually got to sleep in till 7:00 on Saturday...something that hasn't happened in eons!!! Got all kinds of stuff done on Saturday, and today was our stamping get Phylis' house...a great time was had as usual!!! Here are the projects we did for our last Techniqque Tuesday Class.

This was our technique page for our book, and....

And our card page was a St. Patty's Day card. Will show the treats I made for everyone at work, next post!!!

Lastly, here is a card from the last months Rocky Mountain Inkslingers meeting....which we will be meeting this week, and I'm about to get to work on the next swap...have the prototype done...just need to get going!!!

This was I beleive Theresa's swap...great easle card.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crazy Weather

It started off with the promise of sun and warm breezes...and then the front came thru and it turned Grey, and Cold and Windy!!!! Yuck!!!! Will be glad when summer is finally here!!!

It was very quiet at work as my bosses are in California....too quiet for me...makes for a very long day...I'd rather it be hoppin' busy....makes the day go quickly!!!

Have been toying with some changes in my Stampin' Up! business...not big ones, but more streamlined...and hopefully more fun!!!

Workshops....I will always do....I love meeting new stampers...and teaching my old crew!!! Will be stepping up the projects a bit!!! My Stamper's 10 will continue....I love you guys....I will be changing my format a bit...we did some of that last month...and stepping up that content also!!! This round will be starting over in May...and I do have some if you think this may be for you...we would love to have you join us!!! My Technique Tuesday class, I am going to discontinue...we are down to just one and I can't contiue like that...sorry Marian....but I will be putting more Technique Content in my Stamper's 10...and then I am stepping up my actual Classes....I have way too many ideas...and want to get them out there!!! So stay tuned for announcements....I would like to poll all of you., can answer in the comment column, or e-mail me.

1-What types of classes would you come to?
2- What price range would you be willing to pay?
3- What days and hours are best for you and your schedule?

Here is what we did at this months' Stamper 10, there was also a pen that went with it.

I was so proud of myself, being all ready...and then everyone got here and I couldn't find the box with my stamps and punches for the project...fortunatly I had my papers, so we improvised!!! Naturally as soon as everyone left, the box surfaced!!!

And here we have, from my box of goodies....a project from our last get-together!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Getting Old!!!

What is it with Daylight Savings Time.....I had a fantastic meeting with my downline today, but after it was over...I was like a cat, found a sunny spot in the living room, curled up and took a felt soo....good. Everyone in the house was sleeping....the time change affect seems to get worse as I get older.

Thought I'd share something else I've been working is a bracelet I just finished making.

Not sure who it will go to, but tying to get caught up on Birthday and Christmas gifts!!!
Then, here is a card from my stack... not sure where this one came from...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Been a while since I posted...been a busy week

Yesterday was my day off....haven't had one in a was so good....along with some appointments...I planned to get a bunch of errands run. But you know how that goes. We started off the day by having to take Matt to work as his car is in the shop. Then we planned a yummy b-fast at Adam's Mountain Cafe....yum...yum...yum....was it good. Steven had an Orange French Toast with Sunflower Seed Bread, and real Maple Syrup. I had the Daily Omlette, which had Chutney, tomatoes, Goats Cheese and Cream cheese. We split our meals so we could enjoy it all. The bad thing was I had all these things planned to do after...and Steven forgot his medicine, so we had to rush home before we could head out...which ate up the whole morning. Did get some shopping a cute sweater while at Sam's, and then had a 30% off coupon for Kohl' had to use that....had gotten a cute jacket last time I had a got some slacks and a top to go with it. Then had to go get Matt from again , there was 2 hours eaten up there. Got home to messages from both accoutants....needing things for taxes....which took another hour to track down....I did get this cross stitch for Abbey's B-day finished....I had wanted it done for Christmas...but just ran out of time....

Here is a card we did at one of our stamp days...forget the name of the moose...they are all taken with him...

I did get all of my projects and classes put together for the next 2 weeks, and got all set up for tomorrow nite Stamper's I feel i'm off to make candy treats for St' Patty's Day for work....

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A catch up Saturday...Yeah!!!

Kicked Butt today and got everything done I had on my list to do, AND....even got a short nap in there....Love it when I do that!!! All I have left that MUST be done this weekend is to tally up my #'s for taxes, which we will have done on Monday!!!! I ALWAYS feel better when that is all behind me!!!

From my box of goodies....

This one is from one of my past Technique Tuesday Class, I may have posted it. WE did Cracked Glass...and you really can't see the cracking in the scan....I love this technique!!!!

This is from my Mail Box, and is a Sweet Thank You from my good friend Jennell....thank you so myuch Jennell.
Tuesday it is suppoed to blizzard...yuck...and naturally, Wednesday is my day off, and Steven and I had some fun plans, worked around some appointments...I hope the weather cooperates. We miss seeing each other so much with him in school....I cherish our outings together.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yeah for me!!!!

I actually finished up the project and prep for my March Stamper's 10, and am working on my Downline meeting projects,and my Technique Tuesday Class....I think I've finally found my groove!!!

Here's a sneek peek of Stamper's 10. We will be doing 2 things, but they go this is only part of it....a teaser...

Then this is from my box of goodies...I think they were from a swap....

I love the owls....Too, Too Cute!!!