Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crazy Weather

It started off with the promise of sun and warm breezes...and then the front came thru and it turned Grey, and Cold and Windy!!!! Yuck!!!! Will be glad when summer is finally here!!!

It was very quiet at work as my bosses are in California....too quiet for me...makes for a very long day...I'd rather it be hoppin' busy....makes the day go quickly!!!

Have been toying with some changes in my Stampin' Up! business...not big ones, but more streamlined...and hopefully more fun!!!

Workshops....I will always do....I love meeting new stampers...and teaching my old crew!!! Will be stepping up the projects a bit!!! My Stamper's 10 will continue....I love you guys....I will be changing my format a bit...we did some of that last month...and stepping up that content also!!! This round will be starting over in May...and I do have some if you think this may be for you...we would love to have you join us!!! My Technique Tuesday class, I am going to discontinue...we are down to just one and I can't contiue like that...sorry Marian....but I will be putting more Technique Content in my Stamper's 10...and then I am stepping up my actual Classes....I have way too many ideas...and want to get them out there!!! So stay tuned for announcements....I would like to poll all of you., can answer in the comment column, or e-mail me.

1-What types of classes would you come to?
2- What price range would you be willing to pay?
3- What days and hours are best for you and your schedule?

Here is what we did at this months' Stamper 10, there was also a pen that went with it.

I was so proud of myself, being all ready...and then everyone got here and I couldn't find the box with my stamps and punches for the project...fortunatly I had my papers, so we improvised!!! Naturally as soon as everyone left, the box surfaced!!!

And here we have, from my box of goodies....a project from our last get-together!!!

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