Saturday, March 5, 2011

A catch up Saturday...Yeah!!!

Kicked Butt today and got everything done I had on my list to do, AND....even got a short nap in there....Love it when I do that!!! All I have left that MUST be done this weekend is to tally up my #'s for taxes, which we will have done on Monday!!!! I ALWAYS feel better when that is all behind me!!!

From my box of goodies....

This one is from one of my past Technique Tuesday Class, I may have posted it. WE did Cracked Glass...and you really can't see the cracking in the scan....I love this technique!!!!

This is from my Mail Box, and is a Sweet Thank You from my good friend Jennell....thank you so myuch Jennell.
Tuesday it is suppoed to blizzard...yuck...and naturally, Wednesday is my day off, and Steven and I had some fun plans, worked around some appointments...I hope the weather cooperates. We miss seeing each other so much with him in school....I cherish our outings together.

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